Frequently Asked Question Here at PDC!

Q: What should my dancer wear?

A: It depends on the class. See “Dress Codes” to find her class and it will tell you what he or she needs. 

Q: Where can I find the Dress Code page?

A: If you go to the class schedule on the website and click on the class your dancer is in, it should send you a link to the class description and the dress attire that is required.

Q: Where can I buy my dancer’s clothes?

A: At Premier Dance Center. We have a small dance store in our upstairs studio but we also have an online website you can go and order dance attire. Here is the link

Q: What is the difference between a Technique Class and a Competition Team?

A: Dancers that are on a Competition Team have to audition for their place on the team, and through-out the dance season will learn a variety of dance routines that they will take to competitions to compete with other dance studios. These dancers have to be very dedicated!!! They will perform a lot more, they receive multiple costumes, have a team uniform and have team night parties before competitions. Technique classes perform once a semester. The main goal in class is to work on the technique and performance of a dancer and less on choreography. 

Q: Why does my team dancer have to take ballet?

A: The team class mainly prepares the dancers for performances. Since they perform so much we want them to be the best they can. By giving them a solid background in ballet their technique will grow and the team overall will become much better.

Q: Why did my dancer not receive her costume in class?

A: It is most likely because you have a balance on your account. We try to enforce the rule that all payments must be made on time. This includes competition fees, costume fees, team fees, etc. Until the fees are taken care of your dancer will not receive her costume.

Q: What should my dancer bring to class?

A: Your dancer should be dressed in her dance attire, and bring a small bag for shoes, other belongings, and a water bottle. (Water is one of the most import things your dancer should bring. Dancers are very active in class, and we want to make sure our dancers stay hydrated.) Also, if students have multiple classes in one afternoon they can bring a snack to keep their energy up.

Q: How can I learn the different dance terms so I can help my dancer learn at home?

A: It will be under your dancers name in the customer portal, under skills. 

Q: What does my dancer need to have for a performance?

A: Your dancer would have received a dance costume in her class at least 2 weeks before a performance. He or she will need to be wearing the costume (Make sure they have their shoes and any accessory that may have come with the costume.), with hair up in a bun, stage make-up on and most importantly – water.

Q: How can I always keep up on everything that is going on at PDC?

A: Here at PDC we want all our parents to always know what new events are coming up. So, on our website,, there is a calender for all the events. If you need to know more details about the event you can click on the event and it should sent you to a link that will give you every little detail you need to know. To help you out even more here is the link to the calender. We also send out emails with detailed information prior to events.

Q: Where can I order pictures?

A: Here is the Link for you to order all the pictures you want! (After ordering pictures you will receive an e-mail when your pictures are in and you can come pick them up at PDC!)

Q: What is Stage/Performance Makeup?

A: The stage lighting at most performances causes dancers to look very pale and makes it hard to see facial features like lips and eyes. To remedy this problem, dancers wear their makeup a little heavier than normal. This doesn’t mean they have to look like a clown, but they should have enough makeup to accentuate their features so they can be seen by the audience. Basic stage makeup usually includes blush, mascara, eye liner, a little eyeshadow, and lipstick.